Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello 8th graders;

People in America did not always enjoy the freedom and opportunities that you now take for granted. In this brief Web research unit, your group will be researching one of the major reform movements that brought dynamic changes to the fabric of the American way of life.
Along the way you will encounter some famous people who were strong voices of inspiration or opposition.

Approach the task as if you are a newspaper reporter gathering facts to write a newspaper article. You can group your Who, What, When/Where, Why/How facts into a Frayer Model notesheet. Remember that your opinion does not matter. Your goal is to gather and report the facts as you find them. Many reporters base their fact-finding on Who, What, When/Where, Why/How. That's a good way for you to organize your notes. The turn-around time from gathering information to reporting it is usually less than a day! Remember to use the MLA citation forms and write at least three citations to give credit for your notes to prevent plagiarism.

Most of the people below can be found at American National Biography Online. A wonderful timeline called "Reform Movements" highlights events. And see an overview of social reforms of the 1800's. When finished with research, visit BrainPop for some of your topics. (Login: riversidevs, PW: rvs)

Second Great Awakening

Second Great Awakening
Second Great Awakening
Second Great Awakening
Second Great Awakening including impact and observations
Charles Grandison Finney (summary)
Charles Grandison Finney
Charles Grandison Finney: From
Charles Grandison Finney: From New World Encyclopedia
Lyman Beecher (summary) 
Lyman Beecher (short biography)
Lyman Beecher: The Beecher Tradition
Lyman Beecher: From

Temperance Movement
Temperance Movement: summary 

Temperance Movement: Prohibition
Temperance from The New Georgia Encyclopedia
Temperance: Ideas and Movements
Temperance: brief history
Carry A. Nation: hatchet-wielding champion
Carry A. Nation: biography

Prison Reform
Prison Reform: An Explosion of New Thought 
Prisons and Prison Reform: historical overview
History of Prison Programming in America
Inside the Auburn Prison

Dorothea Dix: biography
Dorothea Dix: many sources
Dorothea Dix: reformer reputation
Dorothea Dix: quick facts

Common-School Movement
Common School Movement: Snapshot
Common School Story: Timeline
The American School: Key Concepts
The Common School Movement and Compulsory Education

Horace Mann biographical information
Horace Mann: PBS Only a Teacher
Horace Mann: Innovator
Catharine Beecher: PBS Only a Teacher
Catharine Beecher: Women Working
Catharine Beecher: Portraits of American Women Writers
Catharine Beecher: comprehensive biography
Thomas Gallaudet: brief biography
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
Mary Lyon: inspired reformer
Mary Lyon: higher education for women
Henry Barnard: influential in improving public schools
Henry Barnard: shared leadership with Horace Mann


Abolition: overview and definition
Abolition: Anti-Slavery Movements and People
Abolitionism: New World Encyclopedia 
Frederick Douglas: Judgment Day
Frederick Douglass: brief biography
Frederick Douglass: longer biography 
William Lloyd Garrison: biography
William Lloyd Garrison: Judgment Day
William Lloyd Garrison: New World Encyclopedia
Angelina Grimke: short biography
Angelina Grimke: Women's Hall of Fame
Sarah Grimke: and Angelina Grimke
Sarah Grimke: brief biography
Sojourner Truth: brief biography
Sojourner Truth: longer biography
Harriet Tubman: her life and work
Harriet Tubman: America's Story
Harriet Tubman: Timeline

View this excellent life of Harriet Tubman by a student.

Women's Rights and Suffrage

Women's Suffrage: from
The 19th Amendment
The Long Road to Suffrage: with links
Sarah Grimke: See links above

Sojourner Truth: See links above
Margart Fuller: brief biography

Margaret Fuller: influence on suffrage
Margaret Fuller: longer biography

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Suffrage Pioneer 
Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Hall of Fame
Elizabeth Cady Stanton: detailed biography
Lucretia Mott: short facts
Lucretia Mott: biography
Lucretia Mott: longer biography and links
Lucy Stone: short biography

Lucy Stone: achievements
Lucy Stone: detailed biography
Susan B. Anthony: accomplishments
Susan B. Anthony: overview
Susan B. Anthony: detailed biography